Currently I am developing extended action-based distribution functions to uncover correlations between chemistry and the phase-space distribution of stars in the Milky Way. From this I hope to learn about the evolutionary processes that have shaped the outer disk and the merger history of our Milky Way.

My PhD uniquely combined X-ray observations and equilibrium dynamical models created with the particle-based tool NMAGIC for a sample of nearby massive elliptical galaxies to learn about their dark matter distribution and orbital structure. My work showed the connection between the dark matter content and the density of stellar systems in the local environment, highlighting the role of mergers in the build-up of mass for these galaxies. I also showed that the merger histories leave a range of imprints in the orbital structure of the stars.

Finally, I spent some time developing Bayesian algorithms to optimize residential energy efficiency measures as a Research Associate at University College London.

Here you can find my code and full publications list.